The following are articles and chapters that were published, reflecting my studies and research focused on the possibilities inherent in the power of literacy.

Today I am proud of myself

8today i am proud of myself


Today I am proud of myself: Telling stories and revaluing lives
In D. Caracciolo & A. Mungai, (eds.) In the spirit of Ubuntu: Stories of teaching and research. Sense Publishers, 2009.

In a weekly literacy class at a home for recovering women we worked on critically reading texts that led to writing lives. Writing down experiences, becoming aware and thinking about events critically, allowed the participants to rethink their stories and revalue themselves , their families and their experiences.

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Students Finding Voice in a College Classroom

7students finding voice in a college classroom


Students Finding Voice in a College Classroom:
Reflections on a Teaching/Learning Journey
Curriculum and Teaching, Vol. 23(1), 2008

Most students come to Developmental Reading classes considering reading a book to be a form of severe punishment. To counter such aversion, I developed a counter-hegemonic, inclusive and caring pedagogy that informs a curriculum relevant to the students’ lives allowing them to revalue reading and its potential for self-empowerment. By semester’s end many students describe themselves as readers, having begun to realize their inherent powers in negotiating texts.

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What’s in a label?

9whats in a label

 Reading Today, Vol. 25(5), April/May, 2008.

When we (those who can do school well) negatively label our students (to ‘their’ benefit for special services, we say), they become that label and often cannot shake it from their own consciousness or from the eyes of society for the rest of their lives.

Can we possibly find a better way to serve our students through practices of positive acknowledgment, respect and inclusion?



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Seeing color: Diversity as a palette for teaching

10seeing color diversity as a resource for teaching

In E.L. Brown & P. Gibbons (eds.) International Advances in Education: Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice, Vol. 2: Ethnicity and Race, pg 285-308. Information Age Publishing, 2011.

Under the prevailing deficit approach, students who are different from mainstream in terms of race, ethnicity, language, appearance, sexual orientation, children who come from low income families, from the wrong side of the tracks, or those labeled with any kind of ‘dis’ability, are considered less able to succeed in school. But the diversity of students can be used to enhance teaching and learning if we allow voices, experiences, lives, interests and strengths from outside of school to be brought into the school discourse.  A pedagogy of abilities acknowledges and makes use of the myriad colors in every classroom to paint possibilities of meaningful education for all students.


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